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Why Use Stairs for Dogs?

If you're the type of dog-lover we are, you'll do whatever it takes to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy!  Don't wait until it's too late to provide your dog the ultimate happy, safe, and healthy life.

Here are four great benefits for providing dog stairs for bed, couch, and car access for your beloved best friend:

1. Many small dogs are simply too little to jump onto furniture, beds, or into cars. Dog stairs for small dogs are a great way for you to give them access without your intervention. We carry dog stairs with two, three, or four steps to allow your small dog to reach couches, chairs, or tall beds.

When shopping for your small dog, consider the height of each step to be sure they are the right height for your dog. Small dogs, such as Dachshunds and Chihuahuas, often have trouble climbing stairs that have a high step. Play Safe Pet Stairs carries pet stairs for small dogs with a wide range of steps, heights, and widths so you can find the perfect set of dog stairs that are just right for your small pup.

2. Large and obese dogs are often unable to jump as high as they could in their prime. Pet ramps for large dogs should be used to reduce unnecessary stress on their back, joints, and bones. By using pet ramps for dogs and cats, you decrease your pet's chance of further injury while giving them back their freedom and happiness.  In addition, you save your own back from the strain of lifting a heavy pet!

3. By using indoor pet ramps for dogs, your arthritic or elderly dogs are able to minimize damage to their back and legs caused by a lifetime of jumping. The reduction in your dog's back and leg strain equals a reduction in the number of your vet visits!

4.  We carry pet stairs for beds that are wider than other stairs for dogs. Using a wide dog ramp for high bed access can be easier for larger, elderly, or unconfident dogs. 

Our pet stairs and pet ramps will benefit your dogs whether they are young or old, short or tall!  Don't delay - get your dog their very own set today!