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Royal Ramps Pet Ramp with Landing - 14" Tall - RR16

Dog Ramps

Royal Ramps Pet Ramp with Landing - 14" Tall

This Royal Ramps 14" Pet Ramp with Landing was created using high-density foam that is both durable, washable, and reliable. Endorsed by vet professionals across North America, this pet ramp is awesome for pets who suffer from arthritis, joint pain or other types of neurological problems. It can also help elderly or injured owners avoid repeatedly bending over to pick up their pets.

The Pet Ramp’s lightweight design protects growing, aging, or aching joints while providing owners with an attractive solution that’s lightweight and easy to move. The ramp and landing are attachable to one another with strips of heavy-duty Velcro. This Ramp is 14″ tall and puts the dog on a nice roomy landing about the same height as your average couch.

This ramp is available in two beautiful colors (chocolate suede & oyster suede), providing a smooth, suede touch that both the owner and the pets will absolutely love!  All of our covers have sophisticated zip-on slipcovers and are removable and washable.

These ramps have been reviewed, tested and proven by thousands of customers and pet professionals. With over ten years of uninterrupted service, 100% satisfaction rates, and a product that your pet will simply love, Royal Ramps Pet Ramps are absolutely the best when it comes to service, prices and satisfaction.  Order one today to pamper your pet!


  • Each self-contained cushion step is constructed from durable, high-density industrial foam. No other pet ramp can match the patented foam design for protecting your pet's joints while providing an attractive, lightweight indoor pet ramp. 
  • This ramp easily supports a 70 lb dog
  • 14” Tall, 14″ Wide, 43″ Deep (Weight: 7 lbs.) – easy to move and configure
  • The care and cleaning of the microfiliment fabrics is extremely simple. Mild soap and lukewarm water will remove stains such as soda, coffee, ballpoint pen, mustard, red wine, or grape juice; simply rub gently in a circular motion with a sponge or soft brush and pat the area dry after cleaning. 

$ 208.99

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A.  Lots of Reasons!  Dog stairs minimize the impact on your dog’s paws, legs, and back that can cause serious injury over a lifetime of jumping. You may see a happy, jumping doggy now but internally the joint and back strain is taking a toll, eventually resulting in arthritis and large medical bills.  Limiting jumping minimizes injuries and is one of the best ways to prevent an early onset of arthritis.  Proactively using dog steps can save your dog and your wallet! 


A. Absolutely! A little forethought and planning can reap huge rewards down the line.  Preventative measures taken in your pet's youth can decrease the effects of joint diseases as your pet ages.  Your pet can safely and easily access beds, couches, and cars, eliminating risks and promoting superior bone, muscle and joint health. Plus our steps improve the quality of life for pets who normally couldn’t reach higher places.  Using pet stairs or extending a ramp could actually be extending your pet’s happy and healthy productive years.


A. Yes, pet stairs are a great way for cats to access higher locations with minimum strain to their back and legs.  Just because a cat has 9 lives and always land on their feet, doesn't mean they don't do damage to their joints each time.  Pet stair access for your cat provides great preventative measures to keep them safe. 


A. A dog ramp may be a better solution for post-surgical, aging, or injured pets that have difficulty climbing stairs. In addition, dog ramps are designed for portability and easier for access into cars and trucks; saving your back from the strain of lifting your heavy pet!


A. We don't see why not!  With patience, you can teach any animal to use their pet stairs. It will be worth the training effort to give them a lifetime of wellness.  Watch our video "How to Teach Your Dog to Use Stairs" for dog training tips.


A. Definitely! Using pet stairs is a very cost-effective way to keep your pet safe and reduce the number of trips your pet may need to the vet's office. A pet ramp is a great solution for aging, post-surgical, or injured pets that have difficulty climbing stairs. In addition, pet ramps are designed for portability and easier for access into cars and trucks; saving your back from the strain of lifting your heavy pet!


A. No; there are dog stairs for small dogs and dog stairs for large dogs.  Dog stairs come in varying widths and heights for different dog breeds and sizes.  The article "How to Find the Best Dogs Stairs" gives great information on finding the best dog stairs for your dog.


Play Safe Pet Stairs is a privately owned, founder-led company whose philosophy centers on our pet’s comfort, independence, and safety because the well-being of our pet is very important to us. 

Dog Ramp - Couch

As animal lovers, we appreciate the need to treat our furry friends like family members.  We understand that our four-legged companions fill our hearts with a unique kind of love and loyalty that begins to define us.

We’re always looking for items that will make a positive difference for us and our pets.   We believe in educating and empowering ourselves and like-minded pet owners so we can all give our animals the healthy mental and physical lifestyle they deserve.


Pet Stairs - Founder

Meet Our Founder

Pam Wiselogel, founder of Play Safe Pet Stairs, grew up in Florida where she was always taking in the stray animals of the neighborhood (much to the dismay of her parents). 

Currently, she is lucky that her family includes her super dog, Abby, as well as a farm-full of awesome horses and barn cats; all of which were rescued in one way or another.



Play Safe Pet Stairs at Mutt March

What Do We Do Locally?

Pam is passionate about animal welfare and proud to lead a company that allows her to give back to the local community.   You can often find Pam and her faithful companion, Abby, participating in the local Yappy Hours, Mutt Marches, Strut Your Mutts, and Humane Society charity events.  

Pam truly cares about the comfort, independence, and safety of our animals and those of all animal lovers.


What Can We Do For You?

Because you are why we do what we do, we’re dedicated to responding to your needs quickly and efficiently, giving you the personal interaction you deserve.   We offer our pet services because we love the work we do. We love the industry and the people we meet.  We love to talk about our pets. We love to make the world a better place for all animals.  We strive to deliver excellent customer service, convenience, and peace of mind to every single pet lover. 



What’s Important to Us?

In addition to serving you with complete satisfaction, we live for bike rides, road trips, boating adventures, camping, and snuggle-time with our favorite tail-waggers!  We know how important it is to keep an eye on our pets during playtime so we focus on products that can help us keep them safe. 

Our pet stairs and pet ramps for animals of all sizes benefit our pets whether they are trying to reach the bed, boat, couch, car, or pool.   

As avid pet-fanatics and outdoor enthusiasts, we use our own products to provide our pets with the ultimate happy, healthy life.


We Know Our Product Line!

Dog Boat Ladder 

As safety conscious pet owners, our main goal is to offer products that give you and your pampered pet years of use and joy. 

Our goal has never been to become the largest generic product pet store but rather to focus on being the expert on awesome products we offer. 

By knowing our dog stairs and dog ramp products intimately, we can better assist you in determining which product would be the best solution for your pet needs. 


We cater to pet lovers, like you, who put a high priority on your pet’s well-being and we truly work hard to keep you and your pet happy!

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