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The 3 Best Treadmills For Your Dog

The 3 Best Treadmills For Your Dog

It’s no secret that our four-legged friends are full of energy. Caring for your dog involves a lot of work to keep them active, and includes walking and play that might not always be feasible for many reasons. Many pet owners often only have time to take their pooch for walks after work in the evenings, once the sun has set and such a thing might not be safe; others may have developed pains or illnesses that make walking a long distance impossible.

Fortunately, there’s a whole world of dog-centered treadmills designed to keep your pup in great shape, no matter what the circumstances here! Here’s a review of some of the best doggy treadmills on the market to help you make the best fitness decision for your canine companion.

1: DogPacer LF 3.1 Folding Treadmill

The DogPacer line is one of the best-selling treadmills for dogs, and it’s not hard to see why. The LF 3.1 folding treadmill has a quiet-running, powerful motor that both help ease anxiety in your dog and can support speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour for pups that have a lot of energy to burn off. It can support dogs that weigh up to 179 pounds, making this a great choice for larger breeds.

Dog Treadmill -DogPacer LF31

The DogPacer LF 3.1 does have a few disadvantages. This dog treadmill has an adjustable incline, but never dips below 1 degree, which might pose a problem for older dogs. It can also be a little difficult to assemble, and is considerably heavy, warranting some additional help when setting it up. It also comes pre-programmed with various exercises for your dog, which can make great tools when you want them; but are a little confusing to turn off when all you need is a constant speed.

2: GoPet Petrun PR720F Treadmill

The PR720F is one dog treadmill for sale by GoPet, and two made this list; understandably so, given that this model is powered by a silenced motor capable of reaching 7.4 miles per hour on an extra-long running platform. It supports dogs that weigh up to 132 pounds, and even includes fun features like an eyelet to hold a toy in place, and remote control functionality for adjusting speed and incline! It also includes a safety emergency stop feature to help protect your pup.

Dog Treadmill - GoPet PR720F

The Petrun PR720F is, however, a bit spendier than other models for the addition of a little functionality. It also has a lower weight limit, which isn’t an issue for most medium-sized dogs, but might preclude this as an option for owners of larger breeds or dogs that need a lot of exercise.

3: GoPet Petrun PR725 Encloseable Treadmill

GoPet makes another contribution to this list with the beefier PR725 treadmill, designed for dogs weighing up to 176 pounds and boasting a quick top speed of 10 miles per hour. It’s a treadmill very clearly designed with big, energetic pets in mind, and it’s apparent in the long, sturdy running area. Like the PR720F, this dog walker treadmill includes remote control functionality. This is likely the best dog treadmill for you if you’re the owner of very large, chaotically-inclined dogs.

Dog Treadmill - GoPet PR725

The PR725 does, however, also include a heftier price tag and product weight to go along with it; the included railing on the sides also is not removable and can pose space concerns when choosing a good location for it in your home.

However, all of these dog treadmills are well worth the investment if both you and your best buddy are healthy and happy! 

Click the links above on your favorite treadmill to find even more information.

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