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Does My Dog Need a Treadmill?

Does My Dog Need a Treadmill?

The phrase “dog treadmill” might sound like some kind of non-sequitur, but it’s really anything but! A treadmill designed for energetic pooches can be a great way to help your furry friend get much-needed exercise in a safe, manageable, and feasible way.

To help ease some confusion about the world of dog walker treadmills, here’s a quick summary of what they are, how they differ from the treadmills people use, and if a treadmill might be a good choice for you and your pet.

What is a dog treadmill?

A dog treadmill, whether for small or big pups alike, is a treadmill built expressly for use by our canine pets. They’re available in multiple configurations, just like human treadmills, and can be manually powered or motorized.

Dog Treadmill for Small Dogs

Using a dog treadmill the right way can be an excellent way to get exercise for your dog; after all, dogs need a minimum of one hour of exercise per day, according to Best Dog Crates & Beds; and that’s only a baseline number to use as a reference. Larger breeds and dogs with more energy will need even greater amounts of exercise on a daily basis! A good dog treadmill can be a great way to supplement their activity to ensure they’re staying healthy and avoiding the behavioral problems that Play Safe Pet Stairs says an exercise deficiency may cause.

The difference between treadmills for humans and for dogs

One big difference to bear in mind is that dog treadmills, especially small dog treadmills, typically operate with very small, silenced motors that only create minimal horsepower to operate a belt at speeds of around 7 miles per hour. For example, the GoPet Petrun PR725, one of the fastest large dog treadmills on the market, only gets to 10 miles per hour.

Dog Treadmill GoPet PR725

A dog treadmill also includes safety features designed specifically for dogs, like side railing and emergency stop functionality. They also are easily controlled by remote or human-accessible buttons, rather than on a console traditionally found in the front center of human treadmills.

Why might my dog need one?

For dogs with a lot of energy, it can seem like you aren’t physically capable of walking them enough to exhaust their reserves! In the case of an unstoppable dog, using a treadmill can effectively burn off their excess fuel after regular walks in the event you can’t keep going, for reasons including nightfall, pain, or your own exhaustion.

Once your dog is used to treadmill running, he or she might even start begging for it, as Paws In Training notes! Treadmill exercise is a great new addition to the life of an energetic, inexhaustible dog in need of the extra work. Used in conjunction with traditional walks, your dog will develop greater muscle tone and extend his or her life, meaning more moments you two can share.

To learn more, check out the Top 3 Treadmills for your Dog now.

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