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Beagles - Are They The Right Dog For You?

Beagles - Are They The Right Dog For You?

Is the Beagle the best dog for you and your family? 

If you want a small, social dog that will join you and the kids in outdoor activities, then the Beagle just might be the perfect dog for you.

Beagles have an expected life span of 12-15 years so they can be a long-time member of your family giving you years of happiness.  At the time of this writing, I personally have a 19 year old Beagle staying with me!!! (and, she still loves to go outside, put her nose to the ground, and head out!)

Beagles have a distinct howl/bay of a bark when on the hunt.  They often howl to announce when they've captured or spotted prey. Some Beagles don't howl very often but others may howl you right out of the neighborhood!

Beagles are prone to having spinal problems.  This may be due to genetics or jumping off furniture. Dog steps can help eliminate these stressors and decrease the probability of having back issues in the older years.  For an older Beagle or one with difficulties walking up stairs, the Solvit Smart Ramp Jr is perfect for letting your Beagle walk over stairs.

 Learn all about Beagles in the Beagles 101 Infographic below:

Beagle 101 Infographic

To recap the Infographic above, most people don't know that all dogs have three eyelids; upper, lower, and third eyelid.  The third eyelid is located in the corner of the eye and normally not seen.

However, certain breeds like Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, and Shih Tzus are prone to getting Cherry Eye which is a symptom where the beagle’s third eyelid prolapses and becomes visible.

Beagles are prone to hypothyroidism which can cause them to slowly gain weight, become lethargic, or show signs of mental illness.

But, Beagles are such good-natured, loveable, social dogs that they just might be the perfect breed for you and your family!  If you decide a Beagle is the perfect pet for your family, check out these dog stairs perfect for Beagles so they can reach you on the couch or bed safely!


 Beagle 101 Infographic


Comment below and tell us all about your Beagle!


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