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Why Use Dog Stairs for Large Dogs?

Why Use Dog Stairs for Large Dogs?

Large dogs can jump on the couch and into trucks just fine, right?  You might wonder why your large dog would need to use dog stairs or ramps.  There are multiple reasons it makes sense to give your oversized pooch access to dog stairs.

  • Using dog stairs, starting in your dog's youth, can significantly reduce the chance of your dog developing arthritis or joint issues later in life.
  • Your happy, jumping doggy might be experiencing internal joint and back strain, eventually resulting in canine arthritis and large medical bills.   By using dog steps and dog ramps, you are saving your dog and your wallet! 
  • Aging dogs with health issues have difficulty jumping; therefore, getting in and out of a tall bed or SUV can be painful and unsafe, for both the dog and owner. 

Don't wait until your large dog is showing signs of discomfort;  check out the best options for dog stairs and dog ramps and get the one that works best for your precious pooch.

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