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Tips To Help Keep Your Dog Safe This Thanksgiving

Tips To Help Keep Your Dog Safe This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner with Dog


Thanksgiving is a happy time when friends and family gather for holiday feasts.  But, often during times of our own over-indulgence, we tend to become a bit overly generous with our dogs and cats.  Giving them table food scraps and too many treats can lead to illness for our pets.

These tips can help keep your dog safe this Thanksgiving:

  • Don't feed raw or undercooked turkey which may contain salmonella bacteria.  Indulging in too many fatty or unfamiliar foods can give your pet pancreatitis which can be very painful and even life-threatening. 
  • Don't give your dog cooked bones as they can lacerate or obstruct your dog's digestive tract. 
  • Keep the sweets to yourself if you plan to bake Thanksgiving desserts as many sweets like chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhea or even worse! 
  • Make sure your pet always has fresh water.  Often in the chaos of holiday festivities, the water bowl is overlooked and can contribute to your dog's upset stomach.
  • Make sure your dog has a quiet retreat where they can find peace and quiet in case the holiday festivities be too overwhelming.

You don't have to be a scrouge at Thanksgiving...if you allow your dog a few small boneless pieces of cooked turkey, some green beans, or even a morsel of pumpkin pie, it shouldn’t pose a problem.  Just make sure everyone isn't doing the same, causing your dog to overindulge, which could cause an upset stomach, diarrhea or major issues.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your family, friends, and pets!!!

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