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Four Ideas To Plan a Road Trip With Your Dog

Four Ideas To Plan a Road Trip With Your Dog

Your dog is a social, pack animal that loves to be in your company, particularly on a good road trip. Knowing a few good road trip ideas will give you and your pooch the opportunity to bond in a new way even if you never leave your own city.

1.  Quick Road Trips around Town

One way to provide mental simulation for dogs is to take them with you while cruising around town. You don’t need an official road trip planner; just take your pooch with you while running errands and let them keep you company while you belt out your favorite road trip songs. A quick walk at each stop will provide your dog with both physical and mental stimulation. Giving your dog the three S's - Sniffing, Socialization, and Stimulation - will help him maintain a balanced, well-rounded lifestyle.

Road Trip with Your Dog

If you must accompany your spouse to some dreaded destination like Home Depot, take your dog! You'll have the great excuse of walking your dog around the parking lot while your husband strolls every aisle of tools and paint. Then, head to Starbucks and roll down your pooch’s window at the drive-through. They’ll get lots of ooh’s and ah’s from the cashier.

2.  Travel Ideas for a Date Night with your Dog

Don’t have plans one evening? Have a date night with your dog; plan activities that revolve around your dog’s wellness and training. Go to a pet store (i.e., Pet Smart) where your dog is exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, and other animals in a safe location.  Practice your dog's sits and downs.  

Other stores like Tractor Supply and some Lowes also allow you to shop accompanied by your dog. There are many restaurants where you can eat outside with your dog. All of these give your dog the three S’s which means they’ll sleep much more soundly when date night comes to an end.

3. Trip Planning for Elder or Arthritic Dogs

If your dog has difficulty moving around the house due to canine arthritis or the aging process, a dog road trip just might be the ticket for getting them outside to see new sights without putting unnecessary pressure on their joints.

Heck, you don’t even need to have a destination; just get in the car and drive around the block. Your dog lives in the moment and enjoys the journey more than the destination. Your dog going on a road trip with you is like them winning the lottery!

Dog Ramps for Trucks

If your dog is heavy or your vehicle is too tall for your dog to jump into comfortably, there are plenty of options for dog ramps for SUVs that make it very convenient for your dog to enter and exit your vehicle. Just remember - the alternative is that they are sitting at the house alone; they'd much rather be in your company.

4. Safety First on Road Trips

Remember that safety always comes first on doggy car trips.  It’s dangerous to let your dog hang her head fully out the window due to passing cars and flying debris from the road. But, if it’s safe, roll down the window a bit and let your dog breathe in a little fresh air. There are plenty of options for dog travel crates or dog car seats if necessary.

Also, factor in the weather. Dogs should never be left in a hot car while you are shopping. But, cooler days, a favorite road trip snack, and a small water bowl will keep your dog totally satisfied while you’re running quick errands.

So when you’re planning short road trips around town, break out the pet ramp for SUV access, pack an extra bag for your dog, and invite them to tag along. You won’t have a better co-pilot!

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