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10 Dogs Who Won't Forgive Their Owners For Their Halloween Costumes

10 Dogs Who Won't Forgive Their Owners For Their Halloween Costumes

Got to love Halloween!  That time of the year when anything goes and you always have an excuse for your crazy outfit.  Here are some of the best images found on the internet of dogs whose owners went a little over the top!


10 Great Halloween Costumes for Dogs

1.  Don't make me go all caveman on you!  

Dog Halloween Costume


2.  I'm going to give you something to be scared about later!

Dog Halloween Costume Frankenstein


3.  Oh Deer!!!

Dog Halloween Costume Deer


4.  Seriously?!?  How will I ever get a date like this?

Dog Halloween Costume Spaghetti


5.  Can I get into the zoo for free?

Dog Halloween Costume Panda Bear


6.  Why don't you ride into the sunset... like my hairstyle did in the 80's!

Dog Halloween Costume Horse


7.  Let's ask ourselves...Why did you think this was a good idea?

Dog Halloween Costume Dinosaur


8.  Please Mary... I won't follow you to school anymore... this is embarrassing!

Dog Halloween Costume Lamb


9.  "This is torture, at its most bizarre and terrible" - Batman  

"It's all a blur. Like a horrible day-mare" - Robin

Dog Halloween Costume Bat Man


10.  I'm going to give you something to smell if you don't change me back into a dog!

Dog Halloween Costume Skunk



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