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How To Find the Best Dog Ramp

How To Find the Best Dog Ramp

Benefits of Using Dog Ramps for Your Dog

Dog ramps are a cost-effective method of keeping your dog safe and reducing the number of vet trips they may need due to injury.  Most important, reducing your dog's jumping by using dog ramps can minimize canine arthritis later in life.   

Royal Ramp 21" Pet Ramp with Landing

Below are three benefits of using a dog ramps for your beloved best buddy:  

  1. Small pet are too tiny to safely jump on the bed - the Royal Ramp Pet Ramp will eliminate that challenge!
  2. Elderly or obese dogs can't jump as high as they once did - they don't need to jump when using their dog ramp!
  3. Dog ramps help all dogs alleviate injury to their tendons, back, and legs caused by the jumping. 

When is a Ramp the Best Choice?

If your dog can no longer climb stairs or shows hesitancy towards using dog stairs, ramps are the best solution.  Proactively using a dog ramp in your dog's youth can decrease the effects of arthritis as your dog ages by protecting his joints.  Limiting jumping is one of the best ways to prevent an early onset of arthritis.  It also helps minimize strained backs, damaged hips, and ligament tears.  Extending a ramp could actually be extending his productive years as a happy, healthy pet.

A pet ramp will do wonders for your dog’s hips and knees.  Finding the right ramp is a matter of a little pre-planning to ensure you get the ramp that is the best fit for your dog and situation.  Whether you need a St. Bernard or a dachshund ramp, there are a variety of ramps for dogs that can accommodate your dog’s size and situation.  There are actually dog ramps for beds, couches, and even boats.  Each of these has unique attributes depending on whether they are used outside or inside or both. 

Ramps for Small Dogs

Let’s face it; we aren’t getting any younger.   Bad backs make it difficult to pick up our favorite pups.  Portable ramps for small dogs reduce the need for constant bending.   A dog ramp like Mr. Herzher’s Smart Ramp Jr gives your dog independence to conquer the stairs or couch without your assistance while giving you freedom from back strain!

Dog Ramp for Stairs

Look for a ramp that provides high profile rails and a wide walking area to keep your dog safely on the ramp.  You also want to find a ramp that is lightweight for easy transport, use, and storage.  As a baseline guide, the ramp shown is only 8 lbs so it’s very easy to move around when needed.

As with large ramps, you want to make sure it has secure footing so your dog will be safe in wet or dry weather with no slipping, sliding, or bouncing.  Many ramps, such as the one shown, provide footing using the same material as OSHA requires for pedestrian safety!   This means your dog will feel truly confident on an outdoor/indoor dog ramp.

Ramps for Large Dogs

The invention of the telescoping dog ramp for vehicles has made many happy dog co-pilots once again. These dog ramps were specifically built for allowing your large dog to get in your vehicle safely, whether it’s a short car or a tall SUV.

 It just takes a few extra seconds to extend the ramp, let your dog walk safely into your car, close the ramp, and put it back into its place in your car.  That little bit of extra time will mean a lifetime to your dog who just wants to join you on your trip.

Dog Ramps for SUV 

Outdoor ramps are typically weather-proof and typically have a slip-resistant base so your dog can safely traverse the ramp.   You also want to make sure the ramp has high profile rails and a Shur-Foot™ tread surface to provide confident footing - wet or dry, indoors or outdoors - so your dog will be confident walking on it.

The weight of the ramp is important as it won’t do you any good if you don’t use it.   As an example, Mr. Herzher’s Deluxe Telescoping Smart Ramp weighs only 16 lbs. so it’s easy to transport and use when needed.  The walking area of the Smart Ramp is wide enough for very large dogs.  The rubber ends hold the ramp in place so they do not slip and the ramp doesn't bounce when your pet is walking on it.

Don't wait until it's too late - proactively protect your dog’s precious joints.  A key factor is to limit jumping which can be done by using dog ramps to promote a healthy life for your younger dogs and a safer life for your elderly dogs.

We've developed a wonderful guide titled "Canine Arthritis - Prevention Starts Now" to answer your questions and guide you along the way.  Get your own copy of our FREE eBook on Canine Arthritis and start protecting your dog today!

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