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How to Find the Best Dog Stairs

How to Find the Best Dog Stairs

Benefits of Using Dog Stairs for Your Dog

Dog stairs are a cost-effective essential tool for keeping your dog safe and reducing the number of trips they may need to the vet's office.  Most important, reducing your dog's jumping by using pet stairs can minimize canine arthritis down the line; and, potentially, minimize human arthritis in your back from years of bending over to pick up your precious canine.   

Doggy Steps for Bed

Below are three benefits of using stairs for your beloved dog:  

  1. Most small dogs are too small to safely jump onto couches, chairs, and beds - dog stairs fix that issue!
  2. Elderly or obese dogs are unable to jump as high as they once did - they don't need to jump when using their doggy steps!
  3. Dog stairs help all dogs alleviate pain to their tendons, back, and legs caused by the jumping. 

Steps for Small Dogs

You’ve got a cute, small dog and figure you can just pick him up whenever he needs to get to his latest whim of a destination.  While that sounds good in theory, it only works while you are around to be his personal elevator!  So, unless you’re planning on being a 24/7 concierge butler service for your precious pooch, you might need a backup plan for keeping your dog safe, comfortable, and happy.

There’s no reason to worry about your dog’s safety or comfort when you aren’t around.  Using doggy steps allows your dog the opportunity to have his or her independence while still doing so safely.  They can safely climb on and off the couch even when you are not available.  No more barking!

Doggy Steps

Safely climbing up and down dog stairs, rather than taking a dangerous leap, will relieve stress on your dog’s joints, hip, and back.  Decreasing jumping will decrease the chance of immediate injury as well as decrease the chance of arthritic joints later in life (did we mention decreased vet bills?).

When looking for dog steps, make sure you find one with a carpeted tread as your dog will get better traction.  A wider step will give him more confidence while climbing up the steps.  Measure the height of your furniture before ordering to make sure it is the perfect height for your dog to get up into his favorite chair, couch, or bed where he likes to nap. 

Whether you’re using these dog steps for high beds or for the couch, protective pads on the base of the steps will keep them in place on non-carpeted floors.  Your dog will love the secure feeling they have when climbing up or down.

Steps for Large Dogs

You’ve got a big dog; big dogs can jump perfectly fine, right?  Well, yes... and, no….  Using dog steps from the beginning can significantly reduce the likelihood of your dog developing a debilitating hip or joint condition later in life. 

You may see a happy, jumping doggy now but internally the joint and back strain is taking a toll, eventually resulting in arthritis and large medical bills.    Using dog steps can save your dog and your wallet! 

It’s hard to watch your dog age; unable to get to her favorite resting spot.  Older dogs with health issues have difficulty jumping so getting in and out of a tall bed can be painful and very unsafe. 

 Dog Stairs for Bed

You want to make sure the dog stairs for bed access are sturdy and meant for the weight of your dog.  Also, ensure they have rubber feet to protect hard floor surfaces and prevent sliding for your pet’s safety.   Slip-resistant carpeted steps make it easy to train your aging dog early on to cope with the aging process while allowing them to feel more secure when using the steps. 

Stairs for the Pool

Swimming workouts for your dog are a great substitute for other more rigorous exercising such as running and ball chasing.  It is an excellent exercise that increases your dog’s heart rate while burning calories.  Swimming can be wonderful therapy for obese, geriatric, or arthritic dogs.   Best of all, swimming is fun for your dog!

Getting your dog into the pool is often cumbersome or downright dangerous depending on the size of your dog.  Using dog stairs in the pool keeps everyone happy; you stay dry while providing a safe, easy escape for your happily-swimming dog.

Doggy Stairs for the Pool

When reviewing dog stairs for the pool, you want to make sure you look for waterproof dog steps that have slip-proof grit strips to ensure solid footing for your dog, and contain no holes where paws can get stuck.   You also want to make sure the steps are easy to install and can be removed easily for winter storage or cleaning.

Did you know that each year approximately 40,000 pets die in drowning accidents?   Make sure dog pool steps are made from strong UV stable, chlorine-resistant ABS plastic which are rated for your dog’s weight.  Then, you can relax and enjoy the pool with your family and your dog; there’s no need to worry about your dog’s safety when they have their own pool steps for dogs.

It's not too late to proactively take care of your dog!  Find the best dog stairs for your dog, today!

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