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Dog Stairs for Small Dogs - My Precious Pooch Thinks I'm an Elevator!

Who doesn't love a tiny, three pound, ball of fur in her precious little dog sweater lying there in her cute little small dog bed?   Ever since Paris Hilton and other celebrities began using their toy dogs as accessories, women around the country began looking for the perfect pint-sized dog to match their favorite purse.  

Are Pet Stairs Really Necessary?

 Small Dog Needs Stairs

Without a set of dog stairs for small dogs, your adorable doggy bundle comes at a price; she requires a lifetime of personal elevator assistance.  "Mom, I need on the couch."  Two seconds later; "Mom, I need off the couch."  Surely, you've lived that scene many times as a small dog owner.

I know what you are thinking – cute little three pound dogs need to be picked up and treated like a tiny baby – wrong!

Your little one needs to learn independence for her safety, comfort, and well-being.  Tiny dogs are still dogs and need to have mental and physical stimulation.  Without these, many little dogs get “Small Dog Syndrome” which can become a serious problem that could end fatally if your little dog bites someone or gets hurt trying to test the limits of her size. 

Why Use Pet Steps for Small Dogs?

Just imagine your precious little pooch wandering the house while you are at work.  Her favorite place is snuggled beside you on the couch.  But, without you, her personal elevator, she can only gaze up at the mountainous piece of furniture; she must feel tiny and helpless.  She may even try to jump over and over again putting unnecessary trauma on those cute petite legs.

The day her personal set of doggy stairs arrives is a day of independenceTall dog stairs gives your little one the freedom of choice.  Like larger dogs, she needs her exercise and the freedom to choose when she wants to feel a little taller without any dependency on you.

 Little Dog Stairs

Even without your assistance, she can be on top of the world; or in her case, the couch!  The comfort she feels when you are around is still attainable in your absence.  Heck, even when you are there, you'll love watching her bound up and down her dog stairs while you binge-watch every season of Mad Men uninterrupted.

With her life expectancy between 12-15 years or more, your small dog will probably live comparatively longer than larger dogs.  Using doggy steps means you don’t have to be a lifetime elevator for your lifetime companion!

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