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Pet Steps - Four Reasons Why You Need Them

Pet Steps - Four Reasons Why You Need Them

 Dog and Cat

Is it time to step up and buy your favorite pet their own set of steps?   Steps for dogs and cats are used by many families for allowing their dog, cat, or other pet to get on the bed or different pieces of furniture.   

If you think pet steps only benefit your dog, think again!


Benefits of Using Stairs for Your Dog     

Here are two out of the many benefits of using stairs for your beloved pet. 

1.  Many small pets are simply too small to jump onto couches, chairs, and their owner’s very tall beds.  Even large animals benefit because some are obese, arthritic, or elderly pets who are unable to jump as high as they once did.  Giving them back access to their favorite higher places, gives them back their freedom and happiness.

2.  By using pet steps for bed and couch access, your pets are able to alleviate the pain to their back and legs caused by the jumping. This allows your dogs and cats to be more independent and comfortable by giving them back the access they once had in their prime.  In addition, the reduction in back and leg strain equals a reduction in the number of vet visits.


Benefits of Pet Stairs for You (yes, you - the human)

While it would seem that the pet steps would primarily benefit your pet, they can also greatly benefit you (the 2-legged human in the relationship).  Here are two benefits for using pet stairs for your own well-being:

1.  If you have back issues and can’t bend over easily to pick up your dog or cat every time they beckon to get on the bed, pet stairs can save you.   How many times does your pet cry to get on the bed forcing you to get up from the comfy chair, walk to the bedroom, put precious pet on the bed, and return back to the comfy chair only to have the pet start crying to get off the bed?   In this case, the steps can not only save your back but also your sanity

2.  It often becomes a safety concern for elderly pet owners who can’t pick their pet up safely.   Many dogs are too heavy to pick up particularly when attempting to load in the family vehicle.   Indoor and outdoor dog steps allow Fido or Fluffy to access the furniture or vehicle without unnecessary intervention from you. 

Are Pet Stairs a Good Idea?

While some may think that pet steps are a non-essential and expensive pet accessory, steps are actually a very cost-effective way to keep your pet safe and reduce the number of trips your pet may need to the vet's office.  Let’s also not forget to mention the reduction in your own doctor visits due to back strains! 

So, is it a good idea to use pet steps for cats and dogs?  The answer is YES if you truly want what is best for your favorite pet and what is best for your own physical and mental well-being. 

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